The Mummy Online: New Website Launched for Free-to-Play Action MMOG

06/01/2011 08:45 am in News

Today a new website has been launched for the free-to-play 3D Action browser game, The Mummy Online. With new graphics and layout, the website features new screenshots and a trailer for the upcoming online game from publishers Bigpoint.
The Mummy Online

The Mummy Online

Bigpoint (DarkOrbit, Battlestar Galactica Online) has launched the new website for the free-to-play browser game The Mummy Online. They have not only updated the graphics and added much more functionality to the site; they have made sure to include a short introduction to their latest 3D online game.

On top of all that, there are also some teaser screenshots which you can check out in our gallery.

The Mummy Online is a free-to-play browser game that features high-quality 3D graphics and an in-depth story based upon the hit movie series, The Mummy. Get lost in ancient Egypt as you explore tombs and uncover monsters that have not been seen for centuries in your hunt for new treasures and adventures beyond your wildest dreams.

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