The Mummy Online: Classes Unveiled for Free-to-Play Mummy Adventure

10/11/2011 04:24 am in News

Online game publishers Bigpoint have unveiled the first bits of information about some of the playable classes in the upcoming, free-to-play MMORPG, The Mummy Online. As it is right now, there are six classes to get to know before the launch!
The Mummy Online

The Mummy Online

As the development of the blockbuster movie inspired online game, The Mummy Online, continues to move forward in the Beta testing phase, publishers Bigpoint are releasing more information in order for you, the fans, to get more familiarized with some of the content. As of now, there are two factions and six classes which will be playable.

Raiders, the first of the two factions, are the skilled, sly thieves of The Mummy Online. These characters, made up of librarians and other seemingly harmless professions, can end up being some of the toughest fighters when push comes to shove.

To play as one of the Raiders, you can choose from one of three playable classes. The Gunslingers use pistols, rifles and other firearms to get the job done. In a ranged fight, the Gunslingers are the one that comes out on top. For more up-close and personal fighting, the Brawler takes center stage. Using knives, swords and other pointy objects, the Brawler can take out enemies quickly. To support the Gunslingers and Brawlers with a little magic, the Scholar uses magic to cast intimidating spells upon enemies and useful ones among allies.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Cultists faction. This faction still believes in the religion of ancient Egypt and will stop at nothing to resurrect the dark powers and bring Masika back to life to dominate Earth.

To support the will of the Cultists, there are three classes at their disposal. The Assassin uses all manners of close-combat weapons to get the job done but with a subtle touch. The Enforcer uses firearms, such as pistols and rifles, to attack opponents from long range. Finally, the Priest is a master of the dark arts and can create powerful spells which can harm enemies and help allies in times of need.

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